Seb says:
'Lirael is my favourite character. I completely adore her. I would describe her as isolated, melancholy, curious, talented, good-hearted and most of all lonely. In the first rough, where she is facing in profile, I wanted the reader or audience to want to hug her like I do. I want them to look at her and not so much feel sorry for her, but appreciate that she may be a little deeper than a straightforward fantasy heroine. It is her and her dog versus the world. Together, they will satisfy her curiosity and find hidden treasures. When she is afraid, her Disreputable Dog will help her find courage.'

Lirael - rejected cover illustration number one

'The second Lirael rough is meant to emphasis more her curious nature and latent magical talents.'

Lirael - second cover rough illustration

The final rough shows Lirael's warrior side, and as with Sabriel, the sword and charter marks send a strong message of fantasy and adventure.

Lirael - final cover rough illustration

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