An early rough for Clariel, showing her in hunting gear.

Clariel - cover rough number one

An alternative rough for Clariel, dressed in protective robes and suggestive of dark magic.

Clariel - cover rough number two

Of Clariel, Seb says:
'I think Clariel is 100% fighter. She is literally a Berserk. She is the student who brings a weapon to school. She has violent thoughts against her own family in some scenes. She is independent. She is focused, strong, true neutral and nature loving. I see her a bit like the Hulk. She just wants to be left alone to do her own thing and people keep coming along and heaping obligations on her. I wanted to imply her future in the series. That maybe she doesn't quite end up as altruistic as some of the other Abhorsens-in-Waiting. She will cut you if she needs to, but mostly I think she wants to just walk away from you.'

Close to final, but with her mask off.

Third cover rough for Clariel

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